Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sounds of Summer

I'm settling in to work on a re-write of an article. The Phillies are playing afternoon baseball, so I moved to my satellite office in the family room. It's a beautiful day, so I've opened up the patio doors and windows. The wind chimes are tinkling in the breeze.

But just as I start to concentrate, everything is drowned out by the roar of a chain saw at a neighbor's house.

Ah yes, the sounds of summer. The time of year when countless phone interviews will require asking the interviewee to speak up because I can't hear over the sound of the lawn mower next door or tree service across the street. Or as I try to wrap my brain around describing something very technical, someone test driving a motorcycle from the shop down the street goes flying down the road.

Don't get me wrong. I love summer. It is my favorite season. I like when the temps rise and getting fresh air from open windows (no air conditioning in this house). But I could really do without all the noise from power tools.

At least one nasty noise has disappeared from the landscape this year. The neighbors with the kids who would stand in their yard and scream bloody murder have moved away. Trust me, they were so bad I would wish for someone to start mowing their lawn!

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ed said...

i'm visiting my brother in downtown chicago. there's a bar across the street. in the morning trucks arrive and sit in the street idling to keep their cargo refrigerated. yeah, the sounds of summer, and spring. very fun post. pretty light touch you have.