Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Difference Between Writers and Non-Writers

I've been thoroughly amused by the comments left on my Facebook page today. It is a good example on how writers view life -- or at least anything that has to do with magazines -- as opposed to non-writers.

For some background, I reached another one of those "bucket list" moments as a writer. One item was to have a book published -- checked that off in 2006 and will be doing it a second time later this month. Another item is hearing "let's do it" as a response to a pitch from my dream market. That's what happened this week. As you can imagine, I'm excited.

So I posted on my FB status: "Dream publication said yes."

My writer friends got it straight off. A couple of my non-writer friends go it, too, but these are people who have writing tendencies and/or know me pretty well to figure out what I was saying. My non-writing friends, however, seemed confused, not sure why dream publication would be saying anything to me. And it never dawned on me that anyone wouldn't understand what I meant. Because I think like a writer, and when a writer says the name of a magazine and the word "yes" in the same sentence, it means there was an assignment involved.

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