Monday, January 4, 2010

Surely 2010 will get better than this

Like it was for many of you, my 2009 wasn't the best of years. Wasn't the worst of years either, but let's just say I was more than happy to toast it away. Come to think of it, I can't remember my New Year's Eve group ever say good riddance to a year as enthusiastically as we did on Thursday night.

So now it is 2010 and it seemed to pick up right where 2009 left off. At least on the home front. Never a good sign when you discover the front bumper of your car was smashed in and you know you did't hit anything. (This is why I always park at the outer edges of a parking lot.) A cranky computer and a phone call I didn't want to get this morning didn't help get things off to a good start.

I look at it this way -- at this point, 2010 has nowhere to go but up. I'm coming up on my 5th anniversary of freelancing, and I think I have a good idea at where I want my business to go. I've learned the difference between dreaming big and reasonable, life-balancing goals. I had a rough December because I didn't set that balance, and I don't want to do that again. The result will be something awesome, but it was a good lesson in time management and cost vs. benefits.

I have goals for 2010, and perhaps I'll post them here soon. One of my goals is to make this blog a regular routine. It is a good way to get my brain moving.