Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Day

Today was one of those days I was thrilled to work at home. I slept in a little later than usual because I needed the sleep.

The temps got into the 80s. I wore a tank top and shorts and didn't have to worry about freezing in air conditioning.

At lunchtime, I went outside and found ripe strawberries in the backyard patch, so I had an unexpected treat today.

In the afternoon, I took a glass of peach tea and my notebook and sat at the picnic table to do some writing.

In the evening, I took advantage of an empty house to write up two IT blog posts that are actually due for tomorrow and Monday, clearing my work calendar so I can take the day off. The day off is spur of the moment. I didn't need to get anyone's permission to do it.

One last task, to finish an article that has stymied me for a week. I have a glass of wine, hoping that unblocks my brain.

I love being a writer in the summer. I love working for myself all the time. No way I could have had my day 5 years ago, when I worked in an office.

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