Monday, August 27, 2007

Time on My Hands

This week I have 5 articles to write, 4 of them due on Friday. Surprisingly enough, my head isn't spinning out of control. Most of the interviews are done -- although I've been struggling to get the 6 sources I need for an article on college bookstores (couldn't be the timing or anything). But that will fall into place; I have no doubt on it.

Then, my next deadline is October 3.

I should be in a panic, but I'm not. August was very very good to me, and things tend to fall into place as the month wears on. I'm looking forward to catching up on some things that have gotten pushed aside the past 6 months. I plan to write some essays and goof around with fiction (and I need to make a decision here -- do I pull out novel 1 that needs to be typed up, continue to work on novel 2, which I'm not sure I like, or start on something fresh and new). I also plan to create a website, something that needs to be done.

I've read plenty of writer blogs, but now I'm looking to scope out professional sites to get an idea of what I want to add and what I don't. I'm not totally sold on the idea of putting my picture up. Does the "face to go along with the writer" really work? Do I include a list of my current clients or just a random sample of my articles? I've seen lots of "about me" links on websites. As a writer, do I add some the, um, more interesting stuff about me (would an editor want to know about the frog collection?) or do I keep it more professional?

Obviously, only I can answer these questions, but it sure would be good to have input or to see what others are doing.


Marijke Durning said...

The thing that gets the most comments (and appreciation) from visitors is the part I have on how to pronounce my name. I have had so many people comment on that and one client chose to approach me *because* of that.

she felt that I knew that it was awkward for some people and that I took that extra step to make them feel a bit more comfortable.

I don't have my photo on my website, only on my blog. but if you can find something that helps you stand out, like apparently my name did, that helps.

Patti said...

i have no idea...but, it always nice to know that the writer's are real folk like me. something personal, but what?!