Monday, August 6, 2007

Mad Dash to the End

I am surprisingly low tech. Except for my internet searches and email, I prefer using paper and pen whenever possible (my computer crash showed me how important that was, too). Rather than using the Outlook calendar, I have an Eagles football calendar hanging on the wall next to my desk with all my deadlines written down. August is a good month so far. There are many squares filled on the calendar.

That means, of course, I need to research and write those articles. That gets a little hairier. Through the 17th of August, I've got something going on nearly every day. It will be, to say the least, a little crazy around here.

What I like about my paper calendar is how it hangs there on the wall, in plain view, so I know every time I turn my head what's coming.

And I didn't lose any of my deadline information in the great computer crash.


Patti said...

i have two calendars in my office...and lots of multi-colored sharpies to fill in the days.

Marijke Durning said...

I have one of the large desk pad calendars that everything is written on. Now, the challenge is to keep it clear of clutter so I can actually see it.