Friday, August 17, 2007

I See Daylight

Today is Friday. Over the course of this week, I finished up a 3500-word article on Monday, gathered 6 sources/interviews and wrote a 1000 word article on Tuesday and also wrote up a 600 word article on Tuesday, searched down final interviews and wrote a 600 word article on Wednesday, and took care of a source search and then wrote a 2000 word article yesterday. Now, I will write the final article due this week, a 700 word round up, and then I'll settle into some editing for the rest of the day. I could use happy hours this week, but I don't know if that will happen.

Next week will be slightly better. Only 2 articles due, but lots of interviews to get done.

I'm thrilled with the way August has worked out. I'm slightly concerned about September. There is nothing on the calendar -- yet. You'd think I'd be thrilled with the opportunity to breathe. Instead, I'm antsy to get more work.

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Patti said...

work will come for work too hard to generate it for it not to...and i see daylight too...the real kind...finally!