Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Something in the Air

One of my brain breaks while working is to surf around my favorite writer blogs and discussion boards. Usually I can cull a lot of good information that helps motivate me. But lately it seems like everybody is cranky and itching for an argument.

In this corner, we have a growing blood bath called print versus web writing. I know there are a lot of snobbish print-only writers out there, but I also see a growing number of web-only writers who glare down their nose at print writers. But the truth is, the most successful writers diversify, and that means writing for print, writing for the web, writing for a variety of avenues. Sadly, there are too many writers with blinders on and prejudices who don't see that.

And over in that corner, we have the dart game of wages. Who gets to decide what a "reasonable" per word or per article rate is? And its subdivision argument, this is the way I work; therefore, so must you. There is a lot of assumption that a) all lower-paying (under 50 cents/word) are "bad" jobs, b) that all writing jobs require 10 sources, and c) all articles take equal time to write.

I think everyone is tired of winter and worried about the recession so they are cranky. Bottom line: no one is right, no one is wrong. The important thing is to work in a manner best for you.

I've got to write an article now, but I'll be back with more thoughts on this soon.

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