Monday, March 24, 2008

Rested and Ready to Go

Boy did I need that long weekend. Granted, 5 hours on Friday and nearly 5 hours of Saturday were spent at church, but that's what Easter is to me. A time of spiritual reflection. We're all done by Easter morning, so I crashed yesterday.

But I feel refreshed and ready to tackle this long list of To Do items. Most of it involves getting sources for upcoming April articles. This week is the calm before the storm. Next week, I have articles due virtually every day (plus it is the start of the baseball season! Woo hoo!)

I had some very exciting writing-related news this week. My sports blog, which is done completely for my amusement, was featured in this week's Sporting News. Not quite my by-line and no paycheck coming, but I can now say that my words have been published in one of the big three print sports magazines.


Patti said...

fantastic! i love that you are in the river running with the stream...

Angela Williams Duea said...

Congratulations! Keep up that hard work; you're a good inspriation to me.