Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Welcome to the 21st Century

For the past couple of years, I've been using a microcassette recorder to tape my interviews. Someone gave me the recorder as a gift ages ago, but I had never really used it for anything. When I began freelancing full time, I bought a gadget to allow me to tape phone interviews. I thought it was the greatest invention in mankind, next to Google.

But man,I was eating up tapes pretty fast and realized it was buy lots of tapes or do lots of transcription. I hate transcription. I used to do it for work and it is time consuming.

So I decided to take a step into the 21st century. I decided it was time to try a digital recorder.

I'm in love. The sucker has 4 folders on it, so if I'm doing a bunch of interviews for one article, I am able to keep the interviews together in one folder. The interviews are crisp and clear.

Then I take them and download them to my lap top for save number one. I bought a new flash drive with lots of gig memory on it, created folders on it for each article, and I save the interviews in the article folders. Back up that can also be used on the other computer.

I wonder what my next step into the 21st century will be . . .

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