Friday, July 27, 2007

Come Talk to Me

Today is an interview day. It's one of the weird cycles I've discovered in my writing life. There are days or entire weeks where it seems I do nothing but interviews, to be followed by an entire week where I do nothing but write. In the winter, I had a week where I did nothing but interviews, sometimes 5 a day, and the following week, I had 8 or 9 articles due. I really don't mind having an article due per day. It puts the day into a nice rhythm -- do interviews and other work in the morning, sit down to write in the afternoon.

When I was a kid, I used to love to talk on the phone. But only when I had complete privacy. I wouldn't call my friends if someone was home, as we only had one phone and it was in the kitchen. But the moment I had the house to myself, I was dialing away.

I'm still like that about the privacy. When I worked in an office, I tried to make my phone calls when no one else was around. I like working at home alone because of all the calls I make now. The husband was home sick earlier this week, and I waited until he fell asleep until I made any calls. How weird is that?

One thing that has changed though is I've come to loathe the phone. I make my work calls, do my interviews, but once 5:30 comes and my cell phone shuts off signalling the end of my work day, the last thing I want to do is make or take phone calls. I especially don't want to talk on the phone right after my work day ends. I need the downtime. I've trained my family not to call during the day unless it is an emergency, but a few of my extended family members think calling me at 5 is just fine and dandy because my work day is over.

One of the (few) things I miss about working in an outside job is the commute home. Now, living where I do, it isn't much of a commute. Most of the time, I rode my bike, which would take 10-15 minutes, depending on traffic and my energy. That was still a nice break where I could take a few deep breaths and separate myself. Now what I like to do at the end of my day is watch Pardon the Interruption on ESPN. I get very cranky when the phone rings during that half hour. It's my commute home, if not physically, at least mentally.

Now I'll have a little more coffee, have lunch, and prepare myself for an afternoon of phone calls.

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Patti said...

i hate to answer the phone even if it is right next to me. drives husband crazy...which is prob the reason i do it..hehe.