Wednesday, July 11, 2007


There's an old Cosby show where Cliff takes Rudy for tap dancing lessons, and while Cliff is waiting, the old dance teacher challenges Cliff to a dance-off. The dance teacher, whose real name I don't remember, would dance a few steps, and then yell, "Challenge!" And Cliff would do some goofball moves, Cosby style.

I'm doing a challenge right now. A query challenge. It's through one of my writers groups. I'm the type of person who likes -- who needs -- a challenge. I like competition. You get points for sending out queries and the like and more points for assignments. I found a lot of my work this way last year. I found a great network this way, too. It helped, too, that last year my team won, and I have a lovely sweatshirt as a prize.

I feel like I'm slacking so far this year, though. Unlike last year, there is a lot more work on my plate that needs my attention NOW. I'm working hard to build up chatter and commoraderie among my teammates, as that was so important last year. I have gotten some positive responses so far, which is good, which is what I want. But I need more.

I need someone to do a few dance steps and then yell, "Challenge!"

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Anonymous said...

Oh, man. I just watched that episode today! It was so hilarious. I loved watching Cliff get tired and bang his feet against the chair. I was looking for a clip of that online but couldn't find one anywhere!