Monday, June 25, 2007


This weekend, I helped my daughter and grandson move across the country. That's where I am for the rest of the week. As soon as I get home, I help my son move to college. It is a rather busy, trying time in my life.

I do have a number of writing things I want to discuss in the upcoming days. I'm involved with a query challenge that is to encourage marketing and generating new work. I need it. A thought that has been on my mind a lot lately is when to cut ties with a long-time client. And so on.

Right now, my internal work clock is really messed up. My computer tells me it is 5:30 pm. But my watch says 2:30. I know I have plenty of work time left in this day -- not much else to do here but work right now -- but I'm having trouble concentrating. Right now, I'm alone in the apartment, listening to the planes overhead, so loud you can barely hear yourself think, rocking the baby in his car seat with my foot. I want to nap because I'm tired. Maybe I'll make more coffee.

I plan to get caught up with my blog reading soon. I miss you all.


Dawn said...

It's weird, isn't it, how some of the folk you meet round the blogs can end up feeling closer to you than the people over the road. I think it's to do with the shared interest - in this case, writing.

In my neighbourhood, writers are few and far between. People don't really understand the pressures and delights that another writer immediately picks up on.

So here's to other writers - wherever they may be!

TJBrown said...

have you been able to write much on the road?