Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Saying No

Today I got an email offering me an assignment, based on a letter of introduction I sent to the editor. I had heard good things about the publication and pay, etc., so I was pleased to get the response.

Until I saw the information enclosed regarding pay and amount of work expected. I wasn't expecting a mint, but I wasn't expecting to sell my soul to the devil, either. It was embarrassingly low.

Sad thing is, there was a time when I would have jumped at this job. My "yes, thanks!" email would have flown through cyberspace faster than Superman. I would have been excited for any work at all.

Now, it is still hard to say no to dollars. But I've learned that some dollars make sense and others might prohibit me from doing better. I don't mind writing for less, if the job is right, and there is writing I do for next to nothing because I love the topic and want to build the platform. Yet, I think successful writers learn what their bottom line has to be to become successful. To me, this job would have been a step back on my career path, rather than a step forward.

And since it is the season to be thankful, I am thankful that I've moved to a stage of my career where I have the luxury to say no.

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Angela WD said...

Thanks for this reminder - I need to get smarter about the jobs I accept. Keep up the good work!