Monday, November 12, 2007

New Space -- Kinda

I wasn't quite bit by Patti's DIY bug, but I did decide the office needed a little revamping. This room isn't very big and I just couldn't imagine it actually being a bedroom (which is how it was advertised when we bought the house). And I pack a lot of stuff in here. But I was tired of the setup and the men complaining about how they always knocked things off the shelf when they came in here. (It kept them out, that's for sure.)

When we hooked up the new phone, which involved nice husband upgrading the phone line into the office, I had to move things. At that point, I decided to reconfigure my space. Instead of an L-shaped work space, my desks are parallel, and I moved my stereo so I could have that tiny table. I still have to set up the milkcrates that act as shelves and storage units. That will be where my stereo will go now, rather than the middle of the floor where it is now. I may even get the urge to finally head to Goodwill with the box of stuff that has been sitting here nearly forever. It still needs a lot of work. Or maybe I need less stuff. Lots to think about.

But coming to work today had that feeling of something new, and that was fun. It made work a little more enjoyable.


Patti said...

moving stuff around is like moveing energy around. it can revitalize your space, which is what is sounds like you have done.

we hung the doors in the hall last night. it's officially done and i did a little dance. the finished diy project dance

Angela WD said...

I've been thinking about moving my office around, too. It's all Patti's fault. She got me thinking about deranged hobos sneaking up on me because my back is to the door. I just can't figure out how to arrange things differently. Glad you have some new feng shui in your life!

Sue said...

Angela, I don't need to worry about hobos. I have ghosts. Fred tends to walk by my window a lot, so I try to keep an eye on him that way.

Angela WD said...

What?? Ghosts? Like, real ones? Um, I think that's a big "Move-Out" sign. Eeek.