Friday, October 26, 2007

Personal Day

Back when I worked an office job, I had one personal day each year as part of my benefits package (I also had 12 sick days and 24 vacation days per year -- I really miss those!). I always took my personal day on my birthday. What better personal holiday than your own birthday?

Some habits die hard, and frankly, I needed a day off from work. So once again, I cleared my calendar and took my personal day. My husband took the day off with me. We drank champagne at midnight and slept in late the next morning. I checked my email, but that was the only work I did all day. Otherwise I went shopping and checked out the new Staples, went out with friends, talked to my kids, and just had an enjoyable day. I felt refreshed.

Of course, it meant that all the work on my desk didn't get done. At midnight this morning, I was back on my computer, working on an editing project. I've been working since I got up this morning, and in a few minutes I'll go back to editing so I can finish that by 4:30. I'll probably have to do some work on Sunday during the football game. Days off aren't always luxuries -- the work has to get done sometimes.

But every so often, it is nice to have a day where you can be completely selfish.


Lynne said...

It's good to take time to refill your cup. Happy Birthday

Angela WD said...

I'm so with you on the personal day - it seems harder to take one of those when we work for ourselves, right? Glad to hear you pampered yourself!