Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Dream Job . . . and Why It Is an Uphill Battle

I have a ton of magazine subscriptions, but there are three I read religiously, cover to cover: Sports Illustrated, ESPN, and The Sporting News.

There are three websites I visit every time I log on to the computer:,, and

Sensing a theme?

My whole life, my dream has been to be a writer for one of those magazines. They are also about the toughest markets to break into. These days, what I'd like more than anything is to be a columnist for one of those magazines, but based on the many columns I read now, I would have to change one fundamental thing about myself and I couldn't do it.

There is no way in hell I'm becoming a Boston or New York sports fan. Sorry, ain't happening.

Okay, not everybody is from those two Northeast areas, but it sure seems like it sometimes. And I know that columns allow the writer to be subjective. But I don't get why readers or editors put up with some of the non-stop Boston/New York chatter. No wonder sports fans across the country complain about an eastern bias. Who would know in baseball season there are teams outside the Red Sox or Yankees? There's a guy who writes for ESPN. He's known as the Sports Guy. Except every column ends up being a love fest with the Sox/Pats/Celtics. His name is a misnomer. He's really the New England Guy.

Now see, I believe there should be some balance. First, the magazines need more female voices. Second, Pennsylvania sports need a fair representation in those magazines. Third, the National League and the NFC needs a fair representation in those magazines.

I mean really, wouldn't every sports fan want to know what it is like to experience Penn State football home games the way I do?


Angela WD said...

I think you're right - sports need more female voices. And you have a unique spin - focusing on other teams. I think you have a winning idea there and you should pitch your column ideas to magazines, the ones you mentioned and others too. What have you got to lose?

Patti said...

i love SI...

Lori said...

Give 'em hell, Sue!! I'm with you - PA teams are way underrated. That's okay - we win the trophies quietly. :))