Thursday, May 1, 2008

31 days of ME

A fellow writer who blogs at WordCount has set up a challenge to blog every day in May. So I thought, what the heck. Right now my May is looking weak, workwise. Maybe this will spice things up. You know, as soon as I think I have free time, it disappears.

This might be a good month to brush up on my query writing. I focus on trades, which I love writing for, but I rarely have to pitch ideas to them once I get past the LOI and the first article. But I'd like to focus on hitting some consumer magazines for a change of pace. When I write for someone who isn't a regular client of mine, it is like a bonus for me. I actually sent a few queries out this year and got three query-pitched assignments, including a short piece in The Writer.

Usually my dilemma with queries is coming up with ideas. Now I actually have ideas, thanks to a writing job I picked up a few months ago. And I know where to go to for great sources. So it is finding the time and finding the right markets (and people) to pitch.

And then, of course, there is the chicken factor. I have dream markets and I get cold feet about pitching them. Time to stop that.

The bottom line is I am learning that I'm a good writer, as good or better than anyone else out there writing for big name magazines. It's time I let them discover me.

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Michelle Rafter said...

Sue: You beat me to it. I've been doing a phone interview all morning and haven't even put up my first post yet.

As to your comment about the "chicken" factor - I suffer from the same thing. In fact, it took me from September, when I started freelancing again, until two weeks ago to summon up the nerve to contact someone I used to work with who's now on staff at one of my dream publications. But I did it, and guess what - that phone interview I was doing this morning? It's for a story for them!

Michelle Rafter
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