Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Where I Find Potential Jobs

One question I get asked a lot is where I find the magazines I write for.

The answer: Everywhere!

I scope out the job boards like most every other writer. The job boards can be a crap shoot though. While I've managed to pick up a couple very good clients and steady assignments from those postings, there have been more than my fair share of postings that sounded good in the ad only to be less than good when the offer came. Or I'd be one of thousands to respond.

So where else do I find publication leads?

* Your own magazine subscriptions. Not every magazine I read is open to freelancers, but because I read these magazines weekly or monthly, I'm familiar with them. I know the content, style, audience. When I have an actual idea to query, I look to my private magazine rack for ideas.

* Wander around the library or book store. My local library allows anyone with a library card to read magazines on-line, so I can do solid research without ever leaving my desk chair.

* Google. I write for trades more than consumer, so I will Google the type of trade publication I'm interested in and see what comes up. I discovered one of my best clients when I was researching a query. I took a few minutes, pitched the editor with a letter of introduction, and boom, had an assignment the next day.

* In the News. Whenever I interview someone, I check out that person's company website. Smaller companies especially like to post articles in which they've been featured. Chances are these magazines are similar to publications you already work with. I check them out any publication that is new to me.

* Network. I'll give my writing friends leads to publications, and they do the same for me. I've gotten a few jobs that way. I don't hesitate to tell people that I'm a freelance writer, either. A few jobs have been tossed my way simply because I made sure someone knew this was what I did for a living.

The job boards are really a great place to start, but there are lots of ways to build on that beginning.


Drewpy Drew said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

And thanks for the great tips. One of the really cool things about the blogosphere is that we can help each other out in so many ways.

Peace out. :)

Marijke Durning said...

Great tips Sue. The other thing about looking at job boards is even boards like Craigslist do have some jewels. You need to dig through the garbage but every once in a while, you hit a realy great gig.