Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A Breather

I came downstairs today and found nothing on my calendar. Well, I knew there was nothing on my calendar. It was quite a relief after the past week and month. I've spent a good chunk of today doing some marketing but also some relaxing.

Not that I want every day to be like this. Tomorrow won't, nor will Thursday, and probably not Friday. But for today, it is good.

Traditionally, I've always taken off the Tuesday after Labor Day as a vacation. It was so I could be home for the first day of school for my kids. Then I would bask in the quietness of the neighborhood for some hours, ending the day by filling out all those school forms and catching up with the first day news. Now I have no kids in K-12, and only one in college, which was started a week ago. But in its auto-pilot, my brain shut down and with nothing on the calendar, I'm taking advantage of the quiet neighborhood and the quiet schedule.

Carp diem.

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